#!/usr/local/bin/php Obsessive Camera Direction

Obsessive Camera Direction (OCD)

The OCD library allows intuitive control and creation of Processing viewport Cameras. With OCD, it is easy set up several cameras and switch between them. It is also easy to manipulate individual cameras using standard camera movement commands.

OCD Reference

The OCD reference is available here.


Download the Obsessive Camera Direction Library for Processing

The library is available for use with beta software for Processing 1.0 (last tested with version 0135) and can be downloaded here. OCD is free to download and is available in ZIP compressed format.


Version 1.5

This version is exactly version 1.4 repackaged to support the Processing 2.0 library structure and PDE advertising format.

Version 1.4

Added missing constructors from documentation. Also added community requested constructors that permit modification of the clip planes at construct time.

NOTE: The clip plane constructors will only affect rendering under the OpenGL renderer.

Version 1.3

Minor update to fix a bug related to aspect ratio introduced in Version 1.2.

Version 1.2

At the request of the community, I have provided accessors for the camera position, camera orientation, camera up direction, target position, and field of view.

Version 1.1

Processing 0125 made modifications to PApplet which caused compatibility issues with OCD 1.0. OCD 1.1 makes very minor changes to the library to make it compatible with versions 125 and later.

Known Issues

No other known issues or bugs exist at this time. If you find any or have any suggestions, please let me know.